Kyra Dulmage • Elementary Educator

‎"Education is simply the soul of a society as

it passes from one generation to another."

- G. Chesterson

Kyra Dulmage

Welcome to Kyra's Online Education Portfolio

Welcome to my online education portfolio. Here you will find an overview of my experience and some insight into my classrooms. I am an inventive and adaptable elementary educator with a wide variety of experience. I enjoy working with children because I love their enthusiasm and curiosity. I am passionate about creating experiences for children to help them develop autonomy and grow to become unquenchably curious. Watching children stand up for civil rights, or start their own chemistry club after learning pesticides are hurting frogs all over the world, are the type of moments I live for. I hope this site gives you an idea of who I am as a teacher, and who I hope to become as my career develops.