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Kyra Dulmage I am a creative elementary educator with experience at each grade level from preschool to fifth. I have also worked with children my whole life as a camp counselor and swim coach. Leading children through caves in the Adirondacks and lifeguarding on overnight white-water rafting trips in Colorado are some of the highlights of my career outside the classroom.

I enjoy working with children because I love their enthusiasm and curiosity. I believe a strong trust between the teacher and each student is a necessary element of any successful learning environment. Getting to know each student well and helping them discover the ways they can strengthen our learning community is my favorite part of the job. I am also passionate about empowering parents to support their children and enjoy designing ways for parents to share in the learning process.

In August 2012, I joined the Governor Wentworth School District in New Hampshire as a fifth grade teacher. I also taught in a variety of learning environments before leading my first public school classroom, including several internships and a teaching program at The Park School in Brookline, Massachusetts. This experience has allowed me to develop a wide tool belt to carry with me each day in the classroom. More importantly, it has exposed me to students who vary in socioeconomic background, age, region, ethnicity, ability, and interests they hold.

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